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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is an ever-changing game. Keeping up with just Google’s algorithm changes is a full-time job – but add Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines into the mix and things get really hectic. Here we offer a curated collection of the most important, relevant, and confirmed news from the SEO community.

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Google Officially Launches Mortgage Calculator

Back in December of 2014 I wrote about a custom mortgage calculator many of us have found within our search results. The mortgage calculator has come and went since then – showing for some people and not showing for others. However as of now Google has officially announced the launch of their mortgage calculator – meaning you can now directly ask ...

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Yahoo Search Use Catching Up to Bing

Back at the start of December 2014 I had written about the increasing use of Yahoo search – primarily thanks to Firefox. As usual this was all based on the latest StatCounter statistics and the final numbers for December 2014 have now been published, with Yahoo claiming 10.4 percent of the US search share, up from 8.6 percent in November. Google on ...

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Google Adwords Introduces Countdown Ad Widget Right On-Time for the Holidays

Earlier this week Google announced a brand new ad widget which allows you to place a dynamic countdown into your Google Adwords ads. This includes the ability to set the following features within your ad copy: the number of days, hours, or minutes left to ship their holiday presents in time daily discounts or promotions for your hottest deals most-up-to date ...

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Facebook Removes Bing Results From Search

Search results on Facebook have always incorporated Web search results by Bing amidst your friends posts and other relevant information shared on the 1.35-billion user-base of Facebook. However on Monday this week Facebook has announced a decision to remove Bing results from their own search results – a move that only makes sense as Facebook places more of an emphasis on ...

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Google Has Their Own Mortgage Calculator

Interestingly enough Google has launched their own mortgage calculator within their search results, accessible via the search interest calculator. Originally reported by Pete Meyers from Moz over on Google+ the mortgage calculator seemed to disappear shortly after being discovered – however it has been consistently showing up in my results for several days now – so I figured it safe to announce. It’s ...

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Top Searches of 2014: YouTube Videos

Both Bing and Yahoo have introduced their own look back at the 2014 year showcasing some of their top searches, and Youtube has now followed suite with their own YouTube Rewind. Here are the top trending videos for 2014, based on views, shares, comments, likes and more. Collectively the following 10 videos have hundreds of millions of views from creators, with more ...

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Yahoo Search Use Is Increasing

Google has been the default search engine on a wide array of browsers for quiet a while – and surely this helped Google hold the number 1 spot in search engine popularity for quiet a while. However with the recent change by Mozilla to use the Yahoo search engine as the new default search tool for the Firefox browser – ...

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Top Searches of 2014: Bing

Much like Yahoo recently did; Bing is also taking a look back at 2014 with their own list of top searches for 2014. Unlike Yahoo however Bing isn’t providing a general list – instead they have created a wide array of different categories allowing you to see the top movie searches, top celebrity searches, and much more. This categorized breakdown ...

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Top Searches of 2014: Yahoo

As 2014 comes closer to it’s end Yahoo has published their Top 10 searches for the year. These lists are always a great way to look back at the major events during the year that really struck the interest of internet users amongst the world. How exactly does Yahoo compile this list? The company states , “to develop the Yahoo Year ...

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Bing Rolls Out Carousel for Local Search Results

As Google removes the carousel from their local search listings; Bing has been spotted adding a similar carousel to their own local search results. Originally spotted by search analyst Roman Fitch of CPC Strategy, the Bing carousel is remarkebly similar in format and usability to the old Google Carousel. Take a look at the below comparison: The Bing Carousel offers much ...

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Yahoo Becomes the New Default Search Engine for Firefox

Google Chrome obviously defaults to their own Google search engine. Internet Explorer defaults to the Bing search engine. So it was only appropriate that Mozilla default to a search engine that wasn’t their direct competitor – i.e. Google. As of yesterday night Mozilla has made Yahoo the new default search engine for the Firefox browser. “Today, I’m thrilled to announce ...

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Google Removes Carousel From Local Listings

Back in June last year I had first mentioned the introduction of the carousel display for Google local listings which was loved by many business owners allowing alot more businesses to be on the first page for a search result. Sadly Google has officially dropped the black carousel user interface from their local listings. So now if you run a search ...

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Bing Introduces Their Mobile Bots To The World

Bing has published a new post on their webmaster blog which outlines the various mobile bots they use to crawl your sites along with a few mobile recommendations. For starters Bing makes it a point to mention the benefit of responsive design vs separate mobile website versions. Actually Bing has been preaching this since 2012. Furthermore Bing has also added a ...

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Google PPC Ads Are Getting Cheaper

Statistica has released quiet an interesting report showing that the average cost of Google pay-per-click ads is steadily decreasing – all while Google’s revenue steadily increases showing a 20% increase in revenue for the 3rd quarter of 2014. So if you’ve been on the fence about making the jump into PPC marketing for your business – now looks like a ...

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Lysol Buys The Top Ad Spot For Ebola Searches

As spotted on Tuesday, October 28th, Lysol seems to have spent some serious cash and bought themselves the top ad spot on Google for ebola searches. I’m not seeing the ad appear much as of today already (October 30th) – however this was interesting while it lasted. Google searches for ebola have sky rocketed, understandably – and Lysol is aiming to capitalize ...

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Stop Blocking Your CSS/JS from Googlebot

In the past Google has always crawled your site in much the same fashion as the Lynx browser would display it – no CSS, no Javascript – just text and links. Over the years this has caused many webmasters to specifically block the crawling of CSS and JS files by Googlebot in an attempt to make sure that Google picks ...

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Bing Now Understands Emoticons

Most of us use emoticons to some extent in our daily communication. Whether it be in our text messages, or in our emails – they’ve become a pretty crucial part to setting a tone in a text based communication. Well Bing now fully supports emoticons in all English markets – and from the playing around I’ve done with it it ...

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Google’s New Meta Tag for Disabling Sitelinks Search

Chances are that you’ve already seen the Google Sitelinks search box in-action already. Google has put it into motion around the same time they announced the retirement of the Google Web Search API. The Sitelinks search box allows you to search through your site of choice without actually visiting the site – which may be a bit convenient for the ...

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Bing Ads Introduces Universal Event Tracking

Bing Ads has announced the launch of Universal Event Tracking – a new way to define and track your goals. The new tracking capability replaces the current Campaign Analytics conversion tracking functionality. The current conversion tracking will continue to work, however – any new tags will have to be created with the new tool starting today. Universal Event Tracking will ...

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Google Updating Their DMCA Algorithm

Back in August of 2012 Google introduced the original DMCA algorithm – a policy designed to demote sites which have an unusually high number of DMCA takedown requests. On Friday of last week Google announced that they will be updating the DMCA algorithm as a global roll-out. An improved DMCA demotion signal in Search. In August 2012 we first announced that ...

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