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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is an ever-changing game. Keeping up with just Google’s algorithm changes is a full-time job – but add Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines into the mix and things get really hectic. Here we offer a curated collection of the most important, relevant, and confirmed news from the SEO community.

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Understanding Keyword Density for SEO

Keyword density is an indicator of the number of times the selected keyword appears in the web page. But mind you, keywords shouldn’t be over used, but should be just sufficient enough to appear at important places. If you repeat your keywords with every other word on every line, then your site will probably be rejected as an artificial site or ...

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Bing Launches the Bing Site Move Tool

Bing has recently announced the launch of the Bing Site Move Tool which can be found under the Diagnostics & Tools section within Bing Webmaster Tools can be used to tell Bing that you have moved and permanently redirected your site, or a section of your site, to a new location. Now, before you mention it, yes 301 redirects accomplish the same thing, and are normally ...

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Google Images - Try These Too

Google Images Layout Gets More Updates

At the end of January Google released their first big change to the layout of Google Images providing a more streamlined process – changing their Google Images layout to now display the a preview of the image directly inline with the image you clicked on. However this morning when I went to run a search on Google Images I noticed something ...

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Bing Launches Bing Ads Intelligence

Having trouble building your keyword list for your website? Then try using Bing Ads Intelligence. This tool will build lists from suggested keywords, which in turn will help you develop strategies. The tool uses Bing’s extensive network data to assist you with the various tasks. To quote straight from the Bing Ads Intelligence website, the Bing Ads Intelligence tool lets ...

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Google How Search Works

Google Explains ‘How Search Works’

Yesterday Jake Hubert, Product Manager at Google, announced the release of a brand new Google website aimed to explain exactly how Google search works – from the crawling, to indexing, to the algorithms, to the display of results. On the new site, How Search Works, you’ll find: An interactive, graphical explanation of Google Search A view into major search algorithms and ...

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Google Webmaster Tools Search Queries

Google Explains Search Queries in Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools has long been a great resource to analyze the search engine traffic that Google sends over to your website; and I make it a key point to setup each of my basic SEO client’s websites with Google Webmaster Tools. However Google Webmaster Tools can get quiet confusing with all of the information that it provides, and because ...

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A Quick Guide to SEO Copywriting

What’s the secret to strong positions in Google, Inktomi and other spider-based search engines? Well-written, keyphrase-rich text. Successful search engine copywriting weaves keyphrases (words your prospects use in a search to find your products and services) into your Web page copy. For those used to “conventional” online copywriting, SEO copywriting goes an extra step, meshing customer searching behavior with persuasive, informative ...

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New Google Images Layout

Google Updates Layout for Google Images

Remember how the old Google Images would work? You would click on a picture, a new page would load with the picture in it, and barely any information – along with a link to view the original image. Google has decided to streamline this whole process a little bit – changing their Google Images layout to now display the a ...

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Google Webmaster Guidelines Have Been Updated

The official Google Webmaster Guidelines have long needed an overhaul in various areas. For starters the introduction of rich-snippets has brought with it a handful of new questions – which some clear documentation and guidelines would help. Luckily yesterday Google announced their new, updated guidelines – with a set of quality and technical guidelines for rich snippets, along with specific ...

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Webmaster Tools Adds Critical Notification Emails

As of October 1st Google’s Webmaster Tools will send out an email notifying you of any critical changes/issues that may impact your search listings, and your websites overall health – oh, as long as Google knows how to fix that said issue. So, malware will be picked up, and a notification issued – but what else exactly will cause an ...

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New Focus on Google Adwords Sitelinks Policy

Sitelinks give users a choice of destinations on your website that they can visit directly from your text ads. Hopefully you’ve already been using sitelinks to improve your Adwords campaign performance; and if so – make sure to pay close attention to Google’s Adwords Sitelinks policy so you do not run the risk of being penalized. If you aren’t advertising with ...

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Google Announces New Keyword Meta Tag

A few days ago Google announced the introduction of a brand new meta tag to be used for news articles – the news_keywords meta tag. The goal of it is simple: empower news writers to express their stories freely while helping Google News to properly understand and classify that content so that it’s discoverable by our wide audience of users. Similar in ...

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The Keyword Meta-Tag Is Still Very Much Alive

Even though Google and other search engines do not use the keywords meta-tag, many search engines, such as Active Search Results, still do. Personally I find that the keywords meta tag is a good location to include words that you want indexed that might not appear in your content much. For example you may wish to include synonyms of words that ...

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Schema.org Video Markup Supported By Google

Videos are some of the most commonly viewed media on the web, and one of the most common search result types on Google. So it should come as no surprise then that Google has been working hard to bring support for video markup – and as of Tuesday, February 21st – that support has finally arrived. Adding schema.org video markup is actually very ...

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