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Hivelocity Integrates Corero’s Threat Defense System for Enterprise Level DDoS Protection

Hivelocity, a dedicated server, private cloud and infrastructure services provider, has announced this week the launch of an improved suite of DDoS protection services with the addition of Corero’s Threat Defense System. The Corero Smartwall has been incorporated to the existing network defense infrastructure that Hivelocity has had in place for years. Protection plans are being offered on a per server basis allowing every IP on a server to be protected for one price. Currently Hivelocity offers three protection plans that range from 4Gbps to 20Gbps of data filtering.

“Hivelocity has a business objective of providing its customers with 100 percent network uptime – not an easy feat against today’s fast-evolving DDoS and cyberattack landscape,” said Dave Larson, CTO and Vice President, Product, Corero. “As attackers continue to leverage DDoS attacks in creative ways to disrupt business operations, Hivelocity is refusing to let the attackers win and is proactively addressing these threats before they can impact their customers, and we’re proud to be a part of their efforts.

The Corero Threat Defense System uses several methods to block malicious attacks. In addition to proprietary software that recognizes signature patterns of attacks the Corero system also uses historical data to block specific IPs, countries and/or regions with poor reputations known to be threat sources. Not only does the Corero Smartwall assist Hivelocity in the blocking of attacks but it provides the ability to scrub and filter data packets ensuring only legitimate traffic makes it to the Hivelocity network.

The IaaS industry exists because business owners want to sleep at night knowing there are experts ensuring their online presence is always online. The addition of the Corero Smartwall provides us with further capabilities to provide peace of mind to our customers,” says Hivelocity’s CTO Ben Linton. “We have always kept our customers well protected from malicious attacks, the addition of Corero just further enhances our abilities.

To learn more about Hivelocity and its new Threat Protection Services you can visit them at https://www.hivelocity.net/features/security/. To see the Corero case study on Hivelocity’s use and experience with the Smartwall Threat Defense System check out http://www.corero.com/resources/white-papers/…availability-for-a-global-customer-base/

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