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Host1Plus Launches DDoS Protection Service

Earlier this week Host1Plus has announced the implementation of DDoS protection for a wide customer audience in all available VPS locations, except Frankfurt, Germany. As DDoS attacks are on the rise and tend to quickly evolve into complex security threats, the protection from such attacks is of the most importance.

The collaboration with Staminus has resulted in an exceptional DDoS protection and DDoS attack mitigation for Host1Plus customers. Full protection will be provided free of charge. It includes safeguard from DNS amplification, SNMP reflection, NTP amplification, SSDP reflection, TCP volumetric attacks and other threats, arising from DDoS perpetrators.

Staminus delivers a fast and comprehensive DDoS attack protection thus ensuring a flawless performance for all customers. With over a decade of constant development, Staminus’ protection outshines other mitigation solutions in performance, scalability, flexibility and reliability.

Founded in 1998, Staminus Communications provides industry-leading DDoS mitigation and secured hosting services to users and companies around the globe. As the oldest DDoS mitigation firm around, Staminus has evolved into the world’s most advanced DDoS mitigation company.

Vincentas Grinius, the CTO and co-founder of Host1Plus, states that the implementation of DDoS protection is a major priority. “Over the year, the frequency of malicious attempts to interfere and make server and network resources unavailable to users has significantly increased. We cannot turn a blind eye to malign actions that damage the quality of our services and corrupt our reputation,” he says.

Clients depend on their hosts to keep their Internet presence available nearly 100% of the time, not 90%, 80%, and definitely not anything less. Host1Plus is taking all the right steps to keep their clients’ assets online, protecting the businesses in their care from the inconvenience and losses of DDoS attacks,” says Staminus CEO Matt Mahvi.

Fully automated and managed VPS DDoS protection has been launched in Chicago, USA; LA, USA; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Johannesburg, South Africa.

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