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Unfortunately with the Internet changing at the pace it does – fly-by-night service providers are a dime a dozen. They sell you a service, web hosting maybe, and then 2 months later they vanish. Poof. Gone into thin-air. There’s nobody to call, and you have no idea whether you’ll ever see your data again.

We don’t ever want anyone to be in such a position. So here we post various webmaster service warnings that get passed around the industry.

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Chinese Domain Name Scam For $1476!!

Unfortunately I have yet another domain name scam to report on – this time featuring China-based domain name registrars. The concept, which is explained in my original video, revolves around a Chinese domain name registrar reaching out to you, via email, and stating that someone wishes to purchase the name of your company as a domain name, with one of ...

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Scam Alert: Email-Based Domain Name Registration Scam

It seems there is another round of domain name registration based scams going around – this time in the form of an email that arrives in your inbox from Domain Service with the title Expiration – seemingly a simply notification from your registrar that your domain name is expiring. Alas this is a new scam originating from China, as the whois ...

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Scam Alert: Internet Domain Name Services

Scams suck – and I absolutely hate them. One of the key things I have always built a business on was honesty and transparency; and as such it’s a personal pet peeve of mine when people attempt to trick people into becoming a client. It’s a sleazy tactic – unfortunately it happens very often in this industry. A popular scam ...

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Warning: Password Database Compromised

Just a quick warning to any customers of – it seems that yesterday they had experienced a breach in one of their internal databases which stored passwords for VPS’s, dedicated servers, hosting accounts, FTP accounts for gaming servers, and hashed and salted control panel logins. Those of you who have an account with would be wise to change ...

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Web Listings, Inc – Scam Alert

Web Listings, Inc - Scam Alert

I had wanted to write this post the first time I had gotten a Web Listings, Inc letter in the mail and somehow it slipped my mind then. Luckily I own a fair share of domain names and so, sure enough, I got another letter from Web Listings, Inc a few weeks back. So finally it pissed me off enough to ensure ...

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YucatecHost Disappears Without Warning

Part of my job in looking for the latest and best new hosting and domain name deals for everyone is to also keep a look out for failing hosting companies and as such avoid advertising or recommending their services. YucatecHost seems to have only been around since 2013, with the original domain name registration date set as October 2012. Late ...

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