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Google+ Button Updates

2 new updates are coming to the Google+ buttons you’ve all been using on your sites. Take note that for anyone within the Google+ Preview Group – all of these updates go live right NOW! First, Google is updating the +1 button sharing flow.  Your users have been able to share from the +1 button for about six months.  However, the sharing flow has required a second click to open the sharing box. When you click to +1 today from your preview account, the sharing box will display automatically, giving you the ability to share right away. Second, they’re updating the Google+ badge to use a Follow button.  Your users will soon be able to add your Google+ page to their following circle with just a single click. As usual no changes are required on your behalf to your existing buttons/badges.

If you are not part of the Google+ Preview Group head on over to http://www.google.com/+/learnmore/platform-preview/ to sign up. This preview will enable you to see how these pre-release updates will affect your site.

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