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Social media is a crucial part of any webmasters or business owners life. Get news, tips, and guides on using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, and many other social tools.

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Facebook Notes Finally Gets An Overhaul

Facebook notes originally came out back in 2006 – and I’m pretty sure it never really got an update since then. As such notes never really stood out and never gained any traction – however Facebook has always wanted to have some form of blogging network to call their own. Facebook has always been a place to share your thoughts ...

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Google+ Page Link & Reviews Removed From Google Search Results

Google has been hard at work restructuring, rebranding, and basically taking things AWAY from Google+. As of this week Google has dropped the links that pointed to a businesses Google+ page, and they’ve dropped the reviews count from all Google search results. Searching for a business now provides a rather empty search result focusing on the website link and contact ...

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Facebook Pages Updated For A Better Mobile Experience

Facebook Pages are accessed by billions of people every single month, with over a billion of those using their mobile devices. So it comes as no surprise that Facebook has launched several new features for Facebook Pages specifically targeted towards improving the user experience for mobile users. This starts with more prominent call to action buttons which, on mobile, now ...

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Facebook Hits 1 Billion Online Users in 24 Hours

Right as August 2015 came to an end – Facebook reached a rather epic milestone and one that speaks volumes about why every business owner should be using Facebook in their businesses online presence campaign. On August 24th, 2015 Facebook had one billion people online. That’s 1 in 7 people on Earth that were using Facebook that one day! That’s ...

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Facebook Is Working On M – Their Own Personal Digital Assistant

Personal digital assistants clearly work and people use them more and more. Apple has Siri, Microsoft has Cortana, and Google has Google Now. Well Facebook didn’t want to be left out – so they’ve announced their own digital assistant: M. M will reside within Facebook Messenger – and should offer you the same functionality that the previously-mentioned digital assistants currently do. ...

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Facebook Introduces A New Donate Now Call to Action Button

Back in December last year Facebook began rolling out Call to Action buttons for Facebook pages – something that by now I see on almost every Facebook page I visit. Unfortunately many of you business owners STILL haven’t made use of them – but that’s another story. Today I wanted to focus on the addition of a brand new Call-to-Action ...

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Facebook Sends More Referral Traffic Than Google

I swear it feels like lately more and more news is rolling out that showcases how important Facebook is when it comes to attracting social traffic. According to the Parse.ly Quarterly Authority Report Facebook sends the majority of referral traffic when it comes to the top 100 news websites – totaling 38.3% of referral traffic, while Google ended up with 35.8%. By comparison, ...

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Twitter Rolling Out A 10k Character Limit for Direct Messages

Back in June Twitter announced their plans to finally remove their 140-character limit for direct messages – and this week Twitter has finally began rolling out the update. Regular tweets still have their 140-character limit – however the new change to direct messages is intended, as Twitter says, to allow you to “Speak your mind. All of it“. The new limit, if you’re ...

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Instagram No Longer Supports Custom Locations

Last night Instagram rolled out a new update on iOS and Android devices (v7.4) which introduced a more detailed place search, allowing you to see trending places and search for posts at specific places. However they also took away something dear to most marketers on Instagram – custom locations. That’s right, Instagram no longer supports custom locations. In a help ...

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Facebook Is The Most Popular Social Login Option

Social logins have always been immensely popular – however with so many different networks to choose from have you ever wondered what the most popular ones are? Back in December of 2014 Facebook and Google made up 80% of all social logins, but the Internet changes very quickly – so now that we’re half way through 2015 what do the ...

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No More Custom Backgrounds on Twitter Profile Pages

One of the biggest joys of creating a social media profile has always been modifying it to represent you or your business. Remember when MySpace let you have almost complete control over the look and feel of your online profile? Custom graphics, backgrounds, colors, animations, etc. Slowly all of that has died – and Twitter had remained as one of ...

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Instagram Finally Has A Decent Desktop Search Experience

Instagram has completely revamped their desktop search experience – finally letting you search for posts and people based on hashtags and locations. Furthermore hashtags and locations now also have a dedicated landing page showing the top posts within that category or location.   The revamp of the desktop search is an extremely welcome update – especially when you consider that ...

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Twitter Now Displays Your Birthday

Twitter needs to be able to create better demographic breakdowns of their users, and as such they have introduced a new feature allowing Twitter users to enter and showcase their birthday on their Twitter profile. Now granted Twitter isn’t going to come out and say that they introduced this new feature to help improve their advertising capabilities – but this ...

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Buyable Pins Have Launched for iOS Users In The US

Pinterest wants to eliminate the need to go searching for the product in the photo you’re looking at – so they’ve introduced Buyable Pins. Buyable Pins offer a blue “buy it” button which lets pinners immediately buy the product seen in the image. So far Pinterest has launched Buyable Pins for iOS users inside the US. Checking out is currently ...

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Buffer Tells Us The Best Time To Send A Tweet

Ever sat there wondering what is the best time to send out a tweet? Most of us who handle any type of marketing on Twitter have pondered the same thought before and finally someone did something about it. Buffer, a service that lets you share articles and links across multiple social media channels simultaneously, decided to study 4.8 million tweets ...

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Facebook Wants Page Admins To Respond To Messages Faster

While going through my morning routine and checking on the pages I manage I noticed a new feature below one of my Facebook pages’ cover photos listing how fast my page had answered past messages. If you’re looking at this on your mobile device you’ll see a new drop down below your pages’ cover photo telling you what you’re current response ...

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