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Social media is a crucial part of any webmasters or business owners life. Get news, tips, and guides on using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, and many other social tools.

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Twitter Introducing Auto-Play Videos & GIFs

Following in the steps of Facebook, Twitter has announced that they are introducing auto-play videos and animated GIFs to the microblogging service. Much as with Facebook this is something you either hate or love – and if you do happen to hate auto-play then you’re in luck. Twitter will allow you to revert to the old click-to-play style. As of ...

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Twitter Removing 140 Character Limit for Direct Messages

In a surprising announcement Twitter has decided to remove their famous 140-character limit on direct messages. Tweets will continue to have the 140-character limit; however you will be free to maintain personal communication via direct messsaging without being forced to stick to a 140-character limit. Frankly this is a long overdue change. Direct messaging is essentially like private messaging – ...

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Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm Considers Article View Times

In a blog post over the weekend Ansha Yu and Sami Tas – software engineers at Facebook – announced that Facebook now keeps track of how long someone spends looking at an article to help personalize users newsfeeds. See Facebook doesn’t want to assume that the only popular articles are those with plenty of comments and likes – and as ...

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Vine Launches A New Search Experience

Twitter has been pretty focused lately on providing a better way to search through their social networks, attempting to expand the life-span of Tweets and Vines. The redesign of the Twitter.com homepage, and the new search experience that they still won’t show me on my @RapidPurple twitter account on my iPhone. Now they’ve moved their attention towards the Vine mobile ...

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25% Of Twitter Tweets Are Fake

The Georgia Institute of Technology ran a fairly interesting research project which determined that almost 25% of all tweets contain false information. Research staff parsed over 1% of all messages sent on Twitter for a period of 96 days and in the end over 60-million tweets were recording. Once the tweets were analyzed and fact-checked it turned out that one ...

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Facebook Brings Critic Reviews to Restaurant Facebook Pages

In what seems like a direct attack towards Yelp – Facebook has partnered with various foodie publications such as Bon Appétit, Condé Nast Traveler, Eater.com and Grub Street to pull in restaurant reviews and display them within search results for restaurants. The new program will showcase professional reviews and user reviews which combine reviews from your Facebook friends and general Facebook ...

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Facebook Now Supports Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs can make or break your day. They’re a great way to help raise the mood on that rainy, crappy, day – but too many of them when you don’t want them can also make you want to rip your hair out – or what’s left of it. That being said – Facebook has now started to slowly roll ...

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Google Plus Is Not Shutting Down Afterall

So after lots and lots of speculation about the future of Google Plus we finally have something solid and concrete to speculate off of. In an interview with BackChannel Bradley Horowitz, Google’s vice president of Photos, Streams, and Sharing, stated that Google Plus isn’t going anywhere. There are some clear and evident changes happening, and going to happen – however the ...

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Is Google Slowly Killing Off Google Plus?

Things surrounding Google Plus have been eerily quiet for some time now and many were hoping that Google I/O would bring about some news – alas Google I/O has come and went and no mention of Google Plus was made. Rumors started. Thoughts wandered. And then people began to notice that their name within the Google header no longer links ...

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Twitter Has Quite The Decision To Make – Do They Do A Porn Purge Or Not?

Advertisers have caused quiet the stir regarding all the adult material on the Twitter network and the worry about their marketing content appearing next to or near porn-related posts. In-fact many companies have stopped their Twitter advertising campaigns due to this, such as global TV & data company Nielsen. What’s the solution? One solution proposed by analyst Robert Peck is to ...

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Facebook Working On Letting Publishers Post Entire Articles

Facebook’s recent focus on balancing their newsfeed algorithm suddenly makes sense as the Wall Street Journal breaks the news regarding Instant Articles – making news publishers content available in its entirety right on Facebook. Instant Articles could potentially launch as early as this month, and according to the Wall Street Journal report, Facebook has offered to change its customary revenue-sharing ...

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Search Twitter Hashtags Using Apple Spotlight Search

Twitter is pretty focused on expanding their reach and bringing the power of real-time news to as broad of an audience as possible, as evident by their latest deal with Google to showcase real-time tweets in search results. During this weeks Twitter Q1 2015 earnings conference Twitter CEO Dick Costolo revealed news of yet another new partner: Apple. And finally, we ...

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Facebook Announces Tour Dates for Boost Your Business 2015

Back in the summer of 2014 Facebook hosted 5 boot camp sessions for small business owners – and since then the count of Facebook small business pages is up to 40 million from last years 10 million. Facebook isn’t satisfied though so starting in June Facebook will kick-off another multi-city Boost Your Business tour. These half-day sessions will focus on ...

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Facebook Updates Their Newsfeed Algorithm

Earlier this week on April 21st, 2015 Facebook announced a new Newsfeed algorithm that is rolling out right now. The new algorithm brings out 3 main changes which effect business owners (aka page owners) and personal users. To make life easier for everyone I threw together a quick 4-minute video (see above) discussing just how the new algorithm will effect everyone. ...

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Twitter.com Gets A Redesign

In the past Twitter was basically pointless if you weren’t a member. There wasn’t really much you could see from the homepage and as such you were missing out on all of the real-time news that Twitter has become known for. This all changed this weekend as Twitter announced a redesign of the Twitter.com homepage which now showcases interesting topics ...

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Twitter Rolls Out New Quote Tweet Functionality

Twitter has just began the roll out of their new Quote Tweet functionality – available currently for iPhone and Web users only. The new update allows you to say more within each quoted tweet you send out. Twitter users now have the ability add 116 characters worth of their thoughts on top of the 140-character limit of the quoted tweet. Say more ...

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Facebook Is Tracking Everyone

Facebook has been at the center of many privacy debates over the years – and it seems now they’re the focus of yet another. According to a report conducted by the Belgian Privacy Commission Facebook installs digital tracking cookies whenever a user visits any page on the facebook.com domain – such as fan pages, public photos and videos, and public user ...

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