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Draw Vector’s Anywhere Using Inker – A Free Online Vector Graphics Editor

When you think vector graphics you probably think of Adobe Illustrator or a similar desktop application – however Inker is here to prove that you don’t need a bulky and expensive application to handle simple vector graphics. Inker is a free Google Chrome and Android app – supporting quick vector design and PNG output. If you need EPS or SVG output you can always upgrade the app for a mere $10.

Inker’s drawing tools are limited to only a freehand pen, rectangle tool, ellipse tool, and a text tool. From there you can adjust your paths, change layer colors, opacity settings, and organize your layers into groups.

Furthermore Inker comes with an in-depth help section – complete with animations to help explain how various features and functions work.

Check out the online app for Inker Рthe online vector graphics editor here, or download it to your Android device here. Then go ahead and draw some vector graphics on your tablet while your taking the subway to work. Make sure you leave a review and a rating for Inker in our Webmaster Resources  Directory and show the developers some love.

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