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Tools are the most important thing any worker can have – and this applies to webmasters just as much as it does to an electrician. Tools can take 10 hours worth of work and compress it to 30 minutes. Since webmaster tools must conform to an ever-changing Internet – these tools evolve and change very quickly. Catch the latest news about tried and tested webmaster tools & software here.

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Need A Way To Easily Add Watermarks To Your Images?

Looking for a way to watermark your images before adding them to your eCommerce website? Or maybe you just don’t want your photographs spread about without some attribution to you? Easy Watermark Studio Lite is an awesome free Windows application which lets you …… easily add watermarks – and then some – to your images. Easy Water Mark Studio Lite supports ...

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Top 300 Freeware Software by winAddons.com

Back in 2007 winAddons.com published an awesome list of 300 freeware software, organized by category. There’s some great software listed here – and the majority of them are still around and functioning perfectly in 2015. Unfortunately somewhere between the end of 2014 and now the winAddons.com domain name began to point to a default GoDaddy parked domain page – and this list ...

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Create A Fake Profile In Seconds

These days almost every place you visit asks you to register and create a profile to get access to something, and these days with online security the way it is – not everyone is comfortable using their own name or email address to create these profiles. This is where fakena.me comes into play. Fakena.me generates a random fake name, street ...

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The W3C Mobile Checker Is Live in Alpha Mode

The W3C has brought us a slew of awesome webmaster tools which many of us have used forever now. There was the HTML Validator, RSS Validator, CSS Validator, a Broken Link Checker, and now the W3C have added a new tool to their suite: the Mobile Checker.   The W3C Mobile Checker scans your website and checks for the usage ...

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Adobe Launches Fully Integrated Stock Library

Subscribers to the Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 will be excited to know that Adobe has decided to launch their very own stock image service called Adobe Stock. The new service runs you $9.99 per image; or you can purchase a 10-images-per-month package for $49.99. Existing Creative Cloud 2015 subscribers get a discount making the 10-images-per-month package cost just $29.99. If ...

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Google Discontinues Support for Google AdWords Editor Versions 10.6 & Older

Google’s AdWords Editor is onto it’s 11th version now which was released in December 2014. However 6 months into 2015 there’s still a substantial amount of users utilizing version 10.x of the AdWords editor – and the backend difference between the two platforms is so different that it’s becoming rather inefficient to continue to manage and support both versions. As ...

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SSH Support Is Coming to Windows

As a webmaster SSH is extremely important, and while Linux and Mac users get SSH support straight out the box Windows users are forced to rely on third-party tools such as my personal favorite – PuTTY. However in a new post on the Windows PowerShell Blog – the Microsoft PowerShell team revealed that they have began working on integrating SSH ...

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Windows 10 Will Launch With 7 Versions

Windows 10 is coming this summer – and plenty of us are patiently waiting for that to come out – especially since the upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 will be completely free. In a blog post today Microsoft announced some more information regarding the various versions that Windows 10 will be released with. These are: Home Mobile Pro Enterprise ...

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Introducing Visual Studio Code – A Free, Cross-Platform Code Editor from Microsoft

Continuing right along with Microsoft announcements from the Build 2015 conference we bring to you Microsoft Visual Studio Code – a new, free, cross-platform code editor. That’s right, cross-platform. This baby works on not only Windows systems, but Linux and Apple’s Mac OS X platforms. Visual Studio Code’s big brother, Visual Studio, is still Windows only – but this is ...

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Microsoft Finally Gives Their New Browser An Official Name

Earlier on this month Microsoft rolled out their Windows 10 preview which included Project Spartan – Microsoft’s replacement for Internet Explorer in Windows 10. Project Spartan however was never intended to be the official name for the browser – and so today at the Build 2015 conference Microsoft announced the new, official, name for their next generation browser. Everyone please ...

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Skype For Business Has Launched

Skype is currently used by more than 300 million people these days and it many rely on it for more than just personal use. I can think of a few people, cough Illicit cough, who practically refuse all other sorts of communication methods especially for business use. Well, Illicit and everyone using Office 365 and Office 2013 will be happy to ...

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Mozilla Firefox Downloaded Over 1.5 Million Times From Google Play Store

As I booted up my tablet this morning and browsed through the Google Play Store I noticed something pretty awesome. The download counter for Mozilla Firefox has surpassed 1.5 million downloads. Late last week Mozilla wrote on their blog that they have surpassed 100 million downloads – and it seems that number skyrocketed some-more over the weekend (with 1,688,753 downloads at ...

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Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Preview With New Spartan Browser

Earlier on in the week Microsoft rolled out their latest Windows 10 preview to Windows Insiders which includes the new Project Spartan browser. Now considering this is a preview Project Spartan isn’t complete yet and as such doesn’t have all the features yet – however there’s still plenty of awesome things to play around with. First off the integration between Spartan ...

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Figure Out What Kind Of File That Is With HexBrowser

As a webmaster there’ll be times when you download something without an explicit file extension, or with an extension you’ve never seen before, or with the wrong extension assigned to it. Now you’re left to figure out what kind of file you really have – which is where HexBrowser.NET comes in. A freeware tool that identifies file types. Click “Open”, select whatever ...

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NYC Public School Students & Teachers Get Free Access to Microsoft Office

Students in New York City’s public schools are joining the ranks of NYC’s college students who have gotten free access to Microsoft’s Office 365. During the “State of the City” address made by New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito it was announced that every student and teacher will get full access to Microsoft Office 365 for free. You’ll be able to access Office ...

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Imgur Pro For Everyone!

When it comes to uploading and sharing photos online Imgur has been “the home to the web’s most popular image content” since roughly 2009 when Alan Schaaf founded the site. Since then Imgur has ran two monetization models: the free membership allowed you to utilize the site while viewing ads; while the premium version offered no ads and more features. ...

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