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Tools are the most important thing any worker can have – and this applies to webmasters just as much as it does to an electrician. Tools can take 10 hours worth of work and compress it to 30 minutes. Since webmaster tools must conform to an ever-changing Internet – these tools evolve and change very quickly. Catch the latest news about tried and tested webmaster tools & software here.

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Microsoft Integrates Bing Search into Microsoft Office

Microsoft has launched Insights for Office – a new tool which scans users’ documents and makes educated guesses about the nature of their search query, thus saving time and eliminating the potential of distractedly getting sucked into the vortex of search engines. The search results are then ranked in order of importance and shown to you in a sidebar next ...

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Monitoring for Content Changes

Keeping up with website changes is often handled via RSS feeds, mailing lists, or even social media updates. However what happens when you want to know about the changes that are made that aren’t announced? Maybe a change in terms of service or the fine print of a service? Or what if your website of choice doesn’t provide an RSS ...

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Mozilla Firefox is Coming to iOS

While I can run Safari, Chrome, Opera, and a plethora of other browsers on my iPhone – Mozillas Firefox has sadly always been missing from the iOS suite of devices. Android users got Firefox back in 2011, Apple users however have been waiting this whole time. In the past Mozilla never seemed to wish to handle the hurdles set forth ...

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Icecream Apps Launches Free PDF Converter

Back in July of this year I introduced Iceream Apps to our Free Webmaster Resources Directory – listing their 3 initial applications: Media Converter, PDF Split & Merge, and the Icecream Image Resizer. As of this weekend Icecream Apps has launched another freeware application called PDF Converter, a great tool for converting a range of file formats to and from ...

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Free SSL Certificates Coming Next Year?

As the interweb slowly moves over to HTTPS from the standard HTTP a new venture between Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Mozilla, Cisco, the University of Michigan and IdenTrust has formed Lets Encrypt – a new authority out to attempt to completely eliminate the headaches and costs associated with the switch. See switching your website over to SSL has several concerns associated with it. ...

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Mozilla Launches Developer Edition of Firefox Browser

As announced last week the Firefox Developer Edition browser has been released today by the Mozilla Foundation – and upon downloading it the first thing you’re bound to notice is how much more developer friendly things look. The browser boasts a new minimalistc, dark UI which matches well with whatever IDE you also have open. No worries – if you ...

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Twitter Releases 827 Emojis For Everyone

Continuing on with the Twitter news today Twitter has decided to open source a huge library of it’s emojis. The library is available over on GitHub and it’s open for any developer who wants to implement the characters into their apps, sites and wherever else they may fit. There are 872 emojis in the bunch, Twitter says. “Since we’ve gotten ...

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Adobe Announces Brackets 1.0 – An Open Source Code Editor

About three years ago Adobe quietly created Brackets – an open source text editor built specifically for web designers and web developers. Since then it has taken roughly 45 minor releases to finally bring Brackets to it’s first stable version. The editor blends visual tools into the editor, making it easier to design in code. Furthermore some of your favorite features from ...

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4 Newly Added Free Webmaster Resources

I haven’t really added anything worthwhile to the Free Webmaster Resources Directory in a little while – luckily I’ve been playing around with a few awesome new webmaster resources lately and they seemed to be the perfect candidates to be added to the directory. First up is Infoactive. Infoactive offers an online platform to develop interactive infographics and data visualizations ...

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Rackspace Announces Managed Google Apps for Work

As a Rackspace partner, and customer, I have always praised their outstanding support and as such I’m excited to announce that Rackspace will now provide the same fanatical support for the Google Apps for Work suite through the launch of their new managed Google Apps services. “Rackspace strives each day to provide a world-class service experience on top of best-in-class ...

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IBM Brings Data Analysts To Small Businesses

Being able to truly analyze your businesses data was something that most small businesses simply never had the ability to do. Chances are you, the business owner, simply has no time left to sit there and draw out graphs and plot charts – and hiring a dedicated data analyst simply isn’t in the budget. This is where IBM’s latest Watson Analytics ...

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Bing Image Widget Goes Offline

I had JUST introduced everyone here to the Bing Image Widget which is now, unfortunately, temporarily offline. Following a lawsuit filed by Getty Images, Microsoft has taken the beta version of its Bing Image Widget offline. Getty had complained that Microsoft’s widget infringed on copyright by enabling people to embed protected images in websites without attribution or authorization. Attempting to visit the Bing ...

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Google Alerts Get A Fresh Redesign

Google Alerts always seemed to have a rather primitive design to it – and that may very well have been the cause behind it never really gaining the popularity that it should have. Google has taken note of this and this past weekend have released a brand new design for the Google Alerts site. The core functionality of what and ...

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Google’s Latest Additions to Webmaster Tools

Over the course of the last week, July 13th – July 19th Google has announced some awesome new features they have introduced to Google’s Webmaster Tools. The first is the introduction of a new reporting feature designed to help marketers troubleshoot rel-alternate-hreflang annotations (an attribute that communicates with Google if there are requirements for alternate languages on a web page). If you ...

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