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Tools are the most important thing any worker can have – and this applies to webmasters just as much as it does to an electrician. Tools can take 10 hours worth of work and compress it to 30 minutes. Since webmaster tools must conform to an ever-changing Internet – these tools evolve and change very quickly. Catch the latest news about tried and tested webmaster tools & software here.

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Sherweb Launches SkyNox Backup Solutions

Online backup solutions have really hit it big lately as more and more people look for alternative places to host their files for easy access and safe keeping. With this in mind Sherweb has launched their latest new data protection and recovery service called SkyNox. SkyNox addresses the need to ensure that critical data is kept safe in an off-site location ...

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SEO Panel Tool Launched!

I have been working hard at launching several free, premium level, tools and services to help everyone out with getting their website online and active. As if the existing collection of 30+ online tools and generators isn’t enough – I have a new one to add to the list: The Rapid Purple SEO Panel. The Rapid Purple Seo Panel is a seo tool ...

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100 Free Visitors to Your Site

Any website needs visitors to succeed and make sales. Granted you also need to make sure to have something to hold your visitors attention once they arrive – but none the less you still need to attract visitors first. As always – we’re trying to help you out here as-well.  To provide you with targeted website visitors, we have partnered with Revisitors, an online ...

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Boardnation/YaBB Template – Collateral (Green)

It’s been a long time since Zymic has released any new templates – but that doesn’t mean that they’re old ones are to be forgotten about. In-fact the Collateral template actually works quiet well as a YaBB or Boardnation forum template – so I decided to take it and port it over. The end result can currently be seen live ...

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Boardnation/YaBB Template – Dark Blue Sidebar

Back in 2003-2005 I used to do alot of work on YaBB/Boardnation forums. Apart from offering support, I moderated the forums, and frequently put together custom designs for members. Visiting the Boardnation Community randomly yesterday I had noticed that custom templates have downgraded back to simple CSS color variations of the same exact template. Such a lack of creativity. YaBB/Boardnation ...

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50 Best Twitter Chats for Business & Marketing Students

The staff writers over at Best Colleges Online have put together a great list of 50 Twitter hash chats that are beneficial to business, as well as marketing students. The chats are categorized into several sections: Business Technology Marketing & PR Young Professionals Management & Leadership Entrepreneurship For the full list head on over to http://www.bestcollegesonline.com/50-best-twitter-chats-for-business-students.

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Make Money Blogging!

I often get asked a fairly common question: “how can I make money by blogging?” There are always advertisement programs like Google Adsense, Bidvertiser and Chitika – but is there another way? A more interesting way? A way that rewards you for doing what you love – writing blog posts? There is! Services like LinkFromBlog, BuyBlogReviews, and SponsoredReviews, all offer ...

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Pen.io – The Easiest Way to Publish A Web Page

Pen.io is probably one of the fastest, and easiest, ways to publish something online. It takes just seconds to create a page and start adding content. Pen.io has been designed as a more permanent alternative to blogs. Blogs are great for posting regular content – with Pen.io, you can create a page and set and forget. You can quickly publish an essay ...

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MNKY Studio Releases New WordPress Theme

The guys over at MNKY Studio’s have released another amazing WordPress theme a few days ago – and while I know I don’t usually post updates here regarding WordPress – as someone who helped with the original testing of this theme I am quiet excited about it’s release. The theme, Dotted, is an innovative Premium WordPress Theme with easy to use ...

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bigCommerce Updated to v7.2

The end of July brought around v7.1 of BigCommerce – which included some much anticipated features such as custom URLs and bandwidth reporting. The end of September brought about the first sneak peaks at v7.2 (which by now is running on all BigCommerce sites) which offers enhanced API features, SocialShop 2, and the ability to import and export those custom ...

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Learn About Business With Google!

Whether you are just starting your own business, taking over the management of one, or have been running a business for many years – there is always something new out there to learn about, and often times the biggest challenge is to find all that new information in a place comfortable enough to read through. Learn With Google aims to ...

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Adobe Muse Available As Free Public Beta

Yesterday Adobe moved Muse from the private beta and launched it as a free public beta. The new app (built by InDesign veterans) promises to let graphic designers “create websites as easily as you create layouts for print.” Key features for Muse include: Planning — Use easy-to-use sitemaps, master pages, and flexible, site-wide tools. Design — Combine imagery, graphics and text almost as if you were ...

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BigCommerce Updates to 7.1

Around the end of July BigCommerce, the #1 rated all-in-one ecommerce service for selling products online, has started to update all shops to version 7.1 – which brings about some long anticipated new features. Custom URLs can now be setup for all products, categories, web pages and news items in your store. As seen in the screenshot below, you can specify the default ...

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Google Updates It’s Mobile Site Builder

A little while ago I spoke about the launch of Google’s Mobile Site Builder – an extremely easy to use tool to quickly and easily develop mobile websites for your small business. Rajiv Bammi, Software Engineer at Google, posted on the Google Apps blog sharing a few updates that have been made to their mobile site builder. For starters all images ...

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Free Mortgage Calculators for Websites

Every now and then a real estate business asks to have an on-site calculator developed for their website – usually because they saw it on another site and thought it to be a good idea. I can’t argue here – it lets you provide a resource center your clients can bookmark and come back to again and again during their ...

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Use AHREFS.com To Discover All Your Backlinks

Backlinks (incoming links to a website or page) show the real situation: who is paying attention to the page you are interested in. The quantity and quality of backlinks are significant indicators of site popularity. AHREFS.com shows all the backlinks that exist for your website, without any exceptions, so you can see just where links to your website exist. AHREFS provides several ...

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Google Launches Free Mobile Site Builder

Google has just launched an extension to their Google Sites service called Mobile Templates – a free mobile website building tool featuring pre-built templates for restaurants, local businesses, lead generation, eCommerce and one called “Social,” which lets your customers engage with your business on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social services. Ofcourse there is a “custom” option allowing you to really get ...

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13 Free Domain Name Services

Yes I know what it sounds like – another scam about getting free domain names right? Wrong – see there are actually several companies out there who literally give out domain names – granted these are not .com’s – but they are better than http://angelfire.com/users/~johnswebsite. This post aims to outline the various services out there for free domain names and ...

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Free Sitemap Generator

Sitemaps can be time consuming to create from scratch as you may know. Luckily, there are many tools online to help you with this task! One great tool from xml-sitemaps.com is Free Online Sitemap Generator. This online tool will help you create an XML sitemap that you can submit to search engines, text sitemaps, ROR sitemaps and html sitemaps as well. Why do you need ...

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12 Free CSS Layout Generators

As a web developer you eventually get to a point when you notice every single website you work on starts off with the same basic concept. A template if you will.  Of-course since you are a good web developer you are always looking to be able to do more in less time – and with that comes this list of ...

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