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Custom Error Page Generator

Ever wanted to have more control over your error pages? Maybe a simple e-mail saying someone accessed a specific page, and that page was not found. This is very useful if you have large websites, and cannot check each and every link. We have added a feature that stores a cookie whenever visits a page with your custom error page. If the user goes to the same page twice, only one e-mail will be sent out.

Follow the directions below. Step 1 generates each error page you would like – if you want a 404 error (for page could not be found), enter 404, all of the common error codes are below. Step 2 generates the functions.inc.php (the engine behind the script) file needed for this script to work.

Common Error Codes

  • 400 – Bad request
  • 401 – Authorization required
  • 403 – Forbidden
  • 404 – Page could not be found
  • 500 – Internal server error

Continue with the directions below; be sure to enter the correct error number (from the list above).

Older browsers & certain mobile platforms may not display the above generator correctly. If this is the case for you please use the following link to access the generator: Custom Error Page Generator

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